Certification of Experts


Service quality plays a central role in the allocation of consultancy mandates. However, if a company has no experience of a particular private expert, his or her service quality cannot be fully assessed.

Switzerland Global Enterprise provides the solution to this problem by certifying experts with the «Certified Expert» quality label. Certification is conditional upon a completed consultancy mandate which has been successfully performed at the request of Switzerland Global Enterprise. Other conditions must also be fulfilled. Certification is restricted to a combination of the characteristics of the consultancy mandate relating to the country, the sector and the service.

All certified experts are included in the Expert Directory. This makes choosing an expert easier for Swiss and Liechtenstein SMEs.

Certified experts can use the quality label for customer acquisition and confidence building. The certification remains valid for a maximum period of three years.

Quality Label Certified Expert


For each certification, the following conditions must be fulfilled for the completed consultancy mandate:

  • Mandate value of at least CHF 1000
  • Positive written feedback from the customer of at least 8 out of 10 satisfaction-points
  • Positive oral or written feedback from the consultant of Switzerland Global Enterprise

For each certification, the following conditions, which are independent of the completed consultancy mandate, must also be fulfilled:

An audit fee of CHF 279.- is payable for each certification to cover administrative costs at Switzerland Global Enterprise.

Certification Process


Following completion of a consulting mandate, experts can request the certification from the responsible consultant at Switzerland Global Enterprise.


Switzerland Global Enterprise checks that the conditions have been fulfilled and informs experts about the next steps.

Contractual Terms and Conditions

To regulate the use of the quality label, experts have to accept the contractual terms and conditions for the certification of experts in their profile.

Audit Fee

To cover administrative costs at Switzerland Global Enterprise, an audit fee of CHF 279.- is payable for each certification. The fee can be paid conveniently and securely by bank transfer.


After payment has been made, the certification gets automatically activated. The detailed status of the certification can be viewed after logging in.

Quality Label

The quality label can then be downloaded in the experts' profile.