Registration for Experts


Experts who want to have an entry in the Expert Directory must primarily be offering specific services in the field of internationalisation. This includes services in the fields Strategy & Management, Marketing & Sales, Finance & Taxes, Logistics, Law, Personnel, etc. The services should be documented on the company website or in a company brochure.

Besides the services, the Expert Directory places a strong focus on the company itself. For this reason, experts must have a corporate entity. Private individuals and freelancers without a corporate entity are not permitted to register in the Expert Directory. Additionally, the presence of a logo is important for the graphical presentation of the entry.

Another area of focus lies in the competencies of the company. Experts should have credentials documenting their expertise in specific countries or sectors. This relates essentially to the consultancy mandates they have carried out, and the specialised staff they have for the respective countries and sectors. The proven capabilities of the expert presented in the Expert Directory also have an effect on the positioning in the search results. Thus, established firms with many years' experience are prioritised and given a higher ranking.


An entry in the Expert Directory provides experts with the following benefits:

Increasing the Awareness

The entry in the Expert Directory offers a simple and inexpensive way to gain access to export-oriented Swiss and Liechtenstein companies.

Establishing Customer Knowledge

The entry has strong information content. Potential customers are thus given an excellent insight into the services and competencies of the expert.

Promotion of Customer Dialogue

Experts can list a contact-person for each company location. The convenient options for dialogue encourage customers to make contact with the right person.

Building up Customer Confidence

Studies, cases etc. can be uploaded and included in the entry. This allows a fuller view and encourages the formation of customer confidence. The same applies to the quality label Certified Expert.

The entry in the directory is generally free of charge provided the information it contains is kept up to date. To cover the administrative costs, Switzerland Global Enterprise charges a registration fee of CHF 140.- for experts based abroad. Experts based in Switzerland/Principality of Liechtenstein are free from the registration fee. The detailed provisions for the entry can be found in the contractual terms and conditions.

Registration Procedure

Registration Form

Experts who fulfil the requirements for the entry in the Expert Directory, may fill out the following registration form to initiate the registration process.


Subsequently, the registered e-mail-address has to be validated to ensure security.


After the successful validation, the company details, contact persons etc. can be entered in the profile.


After entering all information, the entry must be submitted to Switzerland Global Enterprise for unlocking.

Registration Fee

To cover the administrative costs, a registration fee of CHF 140.- is charged for experts based abroad. The fee can be paid conveniently and securely by bank transfer.


After payment has been made, the entry gets automatically activated. The detailed status of the entry can be viewed after logging in.


To ensure quality is maintained, information must be updated continuously. Furthermore, the up-to-dateness of the information has to be confirmed by the expert once a year.

Registration Form

The profile can be created and displayed in English or German. The profile language should be adjusted to suit the language of the company's target audience. You should also ensure that the profile is created entirely in the chosen language (do not mix languages).