Cooperation with Experts


In the field of export promotion, Switzerland Global Enterprise works with private experts for over half of all the consultancy mandates1. Because of regulation by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) the consultancy mandates are rather limited in size. The average value of the consultancy contracts with private experts is about CHF 23002.

1 Arith. mean 2009 to 2012: 59.8%
2 Arith. mean 2015 from the yearly median: CHF 3450

Criteria for Allocation

The assignment of consultancy mandates to private experts is done based on internal rules of competency and procurement as well as the following criteria for allocation:

  • Country skills

    Country skills through individual projects / Prolonged stay / Home country / Countries experience

  • Sector skills

    Industry-specific and cross-Industry knowledge / Sector Experience

  • Company, Network, Cooperations

    Number of staff / Branches / Age of the company / Cooperation partner

  • Professional skills

    Professional knowledge / Professional commitment / Professional education / Professional training / Professional experience

  • Methodological skills

    Problem solving / Conceptual approach / Abstract and lateral thinking / Analytical thinking / Ability to formulate objectives / Knowledge of methods / Methodological experience

  • Social skills

    Teamwork skills / Communication skills / Tolerance / Constructive criticism

  • Individual skills

    Ability to give and receive criticism / Sensitivity / Flexibility / Creativity / Motivation / Emotional intelligence

  • Execution skills

    Demonstrable skills through implementation of other projects / Quality of verifiable references / Certifications

  • Project management skills

    Project scheduling / Continuous project controlling / Continuous project communication / Project management experience

  • Offer / Documents

    Customized offer / Problem definition / Objectives / Method / Solution creativity / Solution feasibility / Time schedule / Milestones / Project communication / Costs / Terms & Conditions / Overall quality of documents

  • Price-benefit-ratio

Moreover, efforts are made to achieve a diversified allocation where possible. On average, private experts each receive one consultancy mandate3 per four-year period. The success in issuing consultancy mandates to private experts is demonstrated by the degree of customer satisfaction. Customers of Switzerland Global Enterprise rate the cooperation with private experts at an outstanding degree of satisfaction averaging 90%4.

3 Arith. mean 2009 to 2012 from the yearly median: 1 mandate
4 Arith. mean 2011 to 2012 from the yearly median